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Now that we are into the holiday week, how does your pet respond to fireworks? My dogs have always been fine but last year my 6 yr old Pitbull and 3 yr old Chihuahua decided that they wanted to bark at them. Luckily, they only barked when there was multiple at a time. This year however, I have a new pitty and he barks at EVERY SINGLE ONE, which makes the other 2 bark as well. He may need a little bit of anti-anxiety medication to make it through the big shows over the next few days. If you think your pet does too, let us know!

I wanted to talk with you about Laser Therapy. No, it’s not where we point a laser and play with your cats (though that is fun). Read on for everything you need to know about our laser!

Laser Therapy

Whenever you are presented with an estimate by one of our technicians, we will likely discuss a laser with you (unless it’s a mass removal). What is a laser? Short story- it helps with pain and inflammation. But really, what is this laser thing?

Laser is a noninvasive form of electromagnetic radiation. We use the laser with a special hand piece that induces photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation acts on a cellular level to normalize cell function where the tissue has been disrupted.

Why do we use Laser Therapy?
Laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation and speeds up the healing process.

When do we use Laser Therapy?
For most inflammatory process! Like…

Acute and Chronic Otitis
Joint Disease
Disc Disease
Hip Dysplasia
Anal Glands
Hot Spots or other dermatological disorders
Lick Granulomas

The only time we NEVER use Laser Therapy is when we are removing masses. We don’t want to warm potentially cancerous cells because that can lead to reproduction/spread of those cells.

Does my pet really needed Laser Therapy?
Well, ultimately it’s your decision BUT aside from the benefits listed above, the laser feels gentle, warm, and soothing, which could be relaxing to your pet.

Laser Therapy does not work best alone. Laser Therapy should be used alongside with the appropriate pain protocol.

Does your pet have arthritis? Do you think they would benefit from laser therapy every week? We do carry a package. You can pay up front for 6 lasers and come in weekly to have a technician treat your pet with Laser Therapy.


So there it is. Have more questions? Let us know!