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Spring time means more babies! We did 2 c-sections today and 2 c-sections yesterday! I wonder how many we’ll do over the week!

Now that the weather is “supposed” to start warming up there are a few things we should start thinking about.

The first thing is those pesky bugs! If you haven’t already pulled out your flea, tick, heartworm, and intestinal parasite prevention, now is the time. Best to get the product on them/in them before the bugs are out full force!

Next is exercise! Once it starts warming up, it’s time to drop that winter weight and stretch those limbs!

When you are out and about with your dog, do you know common pet courtesy? Read on for more info!

When walking your dog, remember to pick up after your pets! We don’t want to leave stools laying around because a dog walking through it or eating it, can get any intestinal parasites your dog might have.

Don’t let your dog run through people’s gardens. All the work they put into their pretty yards, you don’t want to ruin that, do you? Plus, what if those plant’s pollens are toxic to your pet and they run through it? Not good!

Don’t just assume any dog on a leash is approachable. Always ask the owner’s permission before letting your dog go up and sniff the dog.

Also, don’t let your dog just approach a person without their permission. Not all people like dogs…

Always make sure your dog is on a leash when out and about. Even the most trust worthy dogs can get distracted. We don’t want any dogs running off and getting hit by a car or injuring another dog/person.

Share the sidewalk! It’s tough having to avoid a dog or person walking down the street but it’s even harder when you aren’t controlling your pet. Keep them close to your side and if possible, on the opposite side of the approaching person.

Lastly, have fun! Enjoy the sun and nice weather!

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Dog Walking Etiquette