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Last night was the annual Paws, Claws, and Corks Benefit Dinner for the West Michigan Humane Society! A lot of our employees were able to attend! The featured animal this year was Charlie. Charlie is a dog we’ve taken care of for the past few months, that came from a very bad situation. He has been through a lot and was adopted by Chelsey, one of the members of our Pet Care Center! We all love him so much and we’re so happy he found a happy ending.

Talking about happy feelings. Have you heard of pheromones? Have you tried them? Read on for lots of information!

Pheromones are a synthetic hormone that are like the natural scent dogs and cats emit. These scents are calming to animals, especially in stressful situations. Dogs have their own special scent, the pheromone version is called Adaptil. The cat phermone is called Feliway.

More about Adaptil…

When should you use Adaptil?

  • When boarding
  • When hospitalized
  • When introducing a new pet
  • When meeting unfamiliar pets
  • When moving to a new home
  • When rearranging furniture
  • When they are showing signs of stress from other animals
  • When transporting or traveling
  • For veterinary visits

Adaptil is best used in times of stress. If your dogs is excessively barking, destroying your household items, soiling in the house, hiding, trembling, whimpering, panting, crying at night, or cowering then they can benefit from Adaptil.

Does it really work?
Ceva has done a lot of studies on Adaptil… so yes! It works!

When used for a month straight, Adaptil can…

  • help reduce or eliminate vocalization (barking, whining) in 75% of dogs
  • help reduce or eliminate destructive behavior in 95% of dogs
  • help reduce or eliminate house soiling in 75% of dogs

Within a month, owners reported 93% improvement in fearful reactions (hiding, trembling).
Adaptil is proven to help reduce the signs of stress during car travel (shaking, panting, vomiting)
Adaptil also significantly and quickly decreases the signs of anxiety in the waiting room and during the veterinary exam.

Studies have even shown that when used, Adaptil makes puppies less fearful and because of that they have a better response to training.
Adaptil also helps puppies adjust to their new home more quickly. Within 3 days of Adaptil use, they are more settled then they would be without it.

Remember, all dogs are different so results may vary. For the best results use for 30 days.

How do I use Adaptil? There are lots of different products!
The collars are activated by body heat. That means if they’re wet or not on the dog, they don’t work.
The diffusers cover a space of about 700 sq ft. These work best when placed in the room that the dogs spend the most time.
The wipes are ideal for travel and spot treatment on hard surfaces (carriers).
The spray is great for treating small areas. You can use about 8-10 pumps on furniture, bedding, toys, in crate, or in cars.

When won’t Adaptil work?
Adaptil won’t work when the behavior isn’t stress related, when the behavior has been present for a long time or the problems are severe, for an overexcited dogs, when the dog has an underlying medical condition, or when the dog is aggressive towards other dogs or humans.

More about Feliway…

When should you use Feliway?

  • To reduce or eliminate behavioral issues like urine spraying
  • When a cat is inappropriately scratching
  • To reduce travel-related stress

How do I use Feliway?
There are numerous different products you can use. The most popular is the diffuser. You plug the diffuser in close to where your cat(s) spend most of the day.
There are also wipes and sprays. These are best used for carriers and bedding.
The last product is a liquid. This product is specifically for inappropriate scratching. You use this product on what you DO want them to scratch, in hopes that it will draw them to that product.

The most effective way to use Feliway for travel is to spray/wipe it on the inside of a carrier 10 minutes before putting the cat in.

Feliway works VERY well in multi-cat households!

When there is more then 1 cat in the house 20% of cat owners report tension. Feliway multicat  is clinically proven to help reduce tension and conflict between cats in the home.

How do I know my cats aren’t getting along? They often…

  • Flee from the other cats
  • Tail twitching
  • Block each other
  • Stalk or chase
  • Biting, hissing, growling, or spitting.

When using Feliway Mulit-cat, 84% of cat owners report an improvement in how well the cats are getting along after just one month.

I tried Feliway, how do I know if it’s working? Are your cats suddenly..

  • Touching or grooming each other occasionally
  • Rubbing against each other
  • Sleeping together.

When won’t Feliway work?
Feliway won’t work if they have an underlying medical condition, if the behaviors they are showing aren’t stress related, and if they show aggression towards people.


All of this information was taken from our handy Adaptil and Feliway brochures, if you would ever like to see one, just ask!