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Lodging Release Form

In order to use any department in our facility including but not limited to lodging, doggie day care, and grooming facilities all pets, must be current on all vaccinations, which must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Dogs must be current on Distemper/Parvovirus/Adenovirus (Canine Distemper Vaccine), Rabies, Bordetella, and yearly negative stool sample.

Cats must be current on Panleukopenia/Herpesvirus/Calicivirus (Feline Distemper Vaccine), Rabies and yearly negative stool sample.

If vaccines are not current, the pet will be examined during their stay, and required vaccines will be administered at the owner’s expense.

I hereby declare that my dog(s) is/are in good health and has/have not been ill with any communicable condition in the last fourteen days. 


  1. All pets must be free of external parasites (ticks, fleas, etc.), or they will be treated at owner’s expense.
  2. Pets may be picked up and dropped off between 7am-7pm Monday -Friday, from 7am-1pm on Saturday and pick up only on Sunday from 4pm-7pm.  We will be closed on holidays for pick up and drop off.
  3. We do not accept drop offs Sundays, but you can email us at or contact us directly on our after hours Pet Care number at 616-216-2050.

Medication Administration: A $5.25 daily charge will be applied for pets given medication or supplementation. Please bring your medication and supplements with you at time of drop off. If you forget your pet’s medication or they run out during their stay we can provide the medication for them from our pharmacy at your expense.

Multi-Dog Discount

Second Pet 10% Off Lodging         * Third Pet 15% Off Lodging      * Fourth Pet (and each thereafter) 20% Off Lodging

*Discount applies to each pet—not to the entire family. Discount applies to lodging only—not activities or other add-ons.


Family Friends Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of activities including but not limited to playtimes, hikes, cuddle time, doggie day care, and walks. I understand and acknowledge that participation in activities, both individual and group play, including any equipment, facilities, and personnel used for such activities, involves inherent risk of physical injury and I assume all such risks. I release and forever discharge Family Friends Veterinary Hospital and their employees of any foreseen and unforeseen injuries or damage to property, resulting from participation in any activity.


If  my dog will be participating in Doggie Daycare I hereby declare that my dog has not shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or other dog.

  1. I understand that I am completely and solely responsible for any harm caused by my dog while they are attending Family Friends Doggie Day Care.
  1. I also understand that by sending my dog to Family Friends Doggie Day Care, based on my declaration, their team of associates has reason to believe my dog is in good health and has not harmed any person or dog by demonstrating aggressive or threatening behavior.
  1. I clearly understand that Family Friends and their team members are not liable for any problematic circumstances that may develop, providing appropriate care and precautions were taken. I release them from any liability whatsoever as a result of my dog’s attendance and participation at their Doggie Day Care center.
  1. I also understand that while attending Doggie Day Care dogs will sometimes receive minor cuts or scratches. If my dog experiences any problems it will be treated as deemed best by a Family Friends team member.


Included in our standard nightly lodging fee is our Pet Care Warranty that will reimburse our clients up to $500 in eligible veterinary expenses for illnesses or injuries that occur to your pet, due to their visit at Family Friends. The details of this new benefit for our clients’ pets are presented below.

Which pets are covered?

All eligible pets lodging at Family Friends will be covered by the new Pet Care Warranty.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses include diagnostic and/or treatment expenses provided by our licensed veterinarians that are directly related to an illness or injury that arises as a result of the pet’s visit to Family Friends. Expenses that are not eligible for reimbursement include: pre-existing conditions; illnesses or injuries sustained by the pet before arriving at Family Friends; age-related illnesses or injuries; injuries inflicted by pets in the same family; dermatological conditions not associated with lodging; any surgical conditions; illnesses to pets whose vaccinations are not current; and acts of God including hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Family Friends does not require pets to have a vaccination for canine influenza virus (CIV) and expenses related to the diagnosis and treatment of canine influenza are not eligible for reimbursement.

Maximum reimbursement:

The maximum reimbursement is $500 per visit, not to exceed $1,000 per year.

How to seek reimbursement:

Pet owners must follow these steps in order to request reimbursement for eligible expenses:

  • The illness or injury must be reported to the General Manager or Staff Veterinarian at Family Friends Veterinarian Hospital and Pet Care Center within three days of the pet’s departure from Family Friends to qualify for reimbursement, and the pet must have been evaluated by a (licensed) veterinarian at Family Friends Veterinarian Hospital within these three days. Example: If the pet leaves Family Friends at noon on Monday, the owner must provide notice by noon on that following Thursday. Treatment must be approved and provided by Family Friends Veterinary Hospital.
  • A veterinarian at Family Friends has the ability to determine if the illness is associated with lodging or if it is due to a pre-existing condition or other circumstances unrelated to lodging.
  • If there is any question about the applicability or necessity of a diagnostic test or treatment, Family Friends will seek the counsel of one or more independent veterinarians prior to determining final reimbursement eligibility, which shall be determined in Family Friends’ sole discretion. Family Friends maintains the right to disqualify expenses that are not, in the opinion of our consulting veterinarians, directly related to the diagnosis and/or treatment of the pet’s illness or injury.
  • Prior to any treatment Family Friends Veterinary Hospital (or an agent of) will make an effort to contact you (prior to treatment). If no one is reachable on the emergency number list Family Friends will provide (appropriate) treatment at their discretion.
  • A Family Friends veterinarian will follow a Standard of Care*. For additional tests and treatments the owner may be responsible.
  • If the pets’ illness is not associated with lodging the staff at Family Friends Veterinary Hospital will make every attempt to contact you prior to any diagnostics or treatment. If you are unreachable Family Friends will use their professional discretion to treat your pet based on the Standard of Care.

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Lodging Release Form Achnowledgement
Client Name
Pet Name
Species & Breed
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I have read the lodging requirements and understand the hospital's policies.

We realize that sometimes your vacation or lodging needs may extend longer than you had originally planned.  If you need to lengthen the time of your reservation, please call us to inform us of the additional stay needed so we may have the staff needed to care for all pets. If pets are left without notification for more than 7 days past your scheduled pick up date they will be considered abandoned.

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