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Your pet is extremely important to us, and therefore we take great care in making your pet's experience as pleasant as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the grooming process, or if your pet has any special needs (such as special shampoo requirements, chronic ear conditions, or any sensitivity or lameness) please let our staff know prior to your pet's grooming.

Please review and initial the following information so that we can better serve you and your pet:

I have read the lodging requirements and understand the hospital's policies.
Occasionally, grooming can expose a hidden medical problem, or aggravate a pre-existing one. If a medical concern arises, we will notify you and offer to have your pet examined and/or treated at the owner's expense.
Sometimes the grooming experience can be very stressful for a pet that has never been groomed, or the pet may have had previous bad experiences. We will do our best to minimize your pet's stress level and if applicable, will make suggestions that may help ease your pet.
If your pet is severely matted or tangled, it may be at greater risk for stress, trauma, or injury. All precautions will be taken. However, some problems may arise, such as nicks or clipper irritation.
If during the grooming process it is discovered that your pet has any internal or external parasites, including fleas, we will treat for these conditions at the owner's expense.
I give my permission for my pet's photo to be posted on the Family Friends Veterinary Hospital website, Facebook page, or other promotional sites. Accept Deny
My pet can have treats while he/she is grooming with us

Please know that your pet's health and well being is our greatest priority. Our groomers are extremely experienced and will take the absolute best care of each and every animal. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let a staff member know.

I hereby grant Family Friends permission to perform emergency veterinary care for my pet if a problem arises, at my expense. Also, I realize that senior, and severely matted pets have a greater risk of injury and stress, and I will not hold this establishment responsible for any accident or injury to my pet.

By checking this box and typing your name below you are agreeing to the terms listed above.
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